All Grain Brewing

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All grain brewing is a skill that can only be perfected with practice. Although there are countless books and articles available on the subject of homebrewing that will teach you the basics, there is no substitute for experimenting with different recipes and techniques in your own home.

Familiarising yourself with the mechanics of homebrewing is obviously essential if you are new to the craft. All grain brewing differs from extract brewing in such that extract brewing involves you making your wort by dissolving malt extract in water, and steeping specialty grains in order to add additional flavour. On the other hand, all grain brewing means that you make your wort from malted grains and water. You begin by soaking crushed, malted grains in hot water in order to change the starch into sugar, then you drain away the resulting liquid; this is your wort. Once you have created your wort then the brewing process itself is the same as extract brewing apart from the fact that you are no longer able to do partial boils; you need to carry out full volume boils which require a few additional pieces of equipment.

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