About Home Brew Shop NZ

So, you’re probably wondering: who are these guys? Well, you’ll most likely be pleased to hear that the Homebrew Shop is 100% owned and operated within New Zealand. Our fantastic team consists of people who, like yourselves, are passionate about the craft of brewing beer, spirits, and liqueurs at home. We pride ourselves on giving you access to the very best home brewing ingredients and accessories, and are constantly on the lookout for new, exciting additions to our vast product range.

The Homebrew Shop is run by a company with over fifteen years’ experience of selling online, and we have gained an enviable reputation with our customers. We pride ourselves in offering products from the most respected brands, at prices you simply won’t find in your local store. What’s more, we also provide one of the fastest delivery services in the business.

We believe that what sets us apart from our competitors is that our amazing team of staff are simply mad about brewing. We are all experienced home brewers, and are on hand to help with any problems you may have, either regarding our products or the brewing process intself; great if you are new to the art of brewing beers, spirits and liqueurs at home.

If you’ve never shopped for your home brew supplies online before then we are confident that you’ll find the whole process a doddle. Our website is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate; just place your items in the online cart, checkout using your preferred payment method, and sit back and relax whilst we get your goods delivered safely to your door.

Home Brew Shop Australia

Click here to visit the Home Brew Shop Australia for home brew supplies & equipment in New Zealand

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