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Buy Gladfield Malts Online NZ

Buy Gladfield malts & grains, whole (unmilled) or curshed (milled) with fast NZ wide delivery, shop our range of Gladfield malts online.

Five generations of one family have been growing malting barley in the heart of the Canterbury Plains. The perfect combination of climate, soil, and a can-do attitude allow Gladfield Malt to produce an ever growing range of high-quality, hand-crafted, 100% natural malts.

The beer industry in New Zealand and around the world is changing, and Gladfield Malt is determined to change with it. We believe in looking at new ways to form partnerships between brewers and malt growers. We believe in smarter, safer beer making methods that maintain high-quality while reducing waste. We believe in supporting your ideas, and working with you to create high-quality beer people can’t get enough of.

To make quality beer, you need quality ingredients, and Gladfield Malts are second to none. By maintaining complete control over our grains, malts, and roasting process, we can ensure the product you produce has the colour, flavour, and importantly the quality to set you apart.