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Essencia Home Brew NZ

Essencia is built on three principles:

– Quality Product
– Customer satisfaction
– Supporting expert retailers

Our products are innovative and are demonstrably the best available, but are only available through bona-fide retailers

No Essencia product is released to the market until it has undergone our rigorous acceptance testing procedure. Basically, if it is not good for the market, it is not good enough!!

Spirits and Distilling
The essencia System is based on the philosophy that if products designed to produce maximum quality are used at every stage, the final product will be of an un-equalled high standard. Here you will find the Essencia Home Brew Products needed to produce top quality spirits and liqueurs.

Ingredients and Additives
A range of top quality products for the craft winemaker. Wine Yeasts, Oak, Fining Agents, Chemicals & Additives, Grape Juice Concentrate and Improvers.

A wide range of top quality equipment and accessories for the serious craft brewer. Fermenting; testing and measuring; cleaning and mixing; filling and closing; wine presses; filters and filter pads; bottles, glassware and accessories; bungs, corks and closures