Black Rock Crafted Wakatu Pilsener


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Black Rock Crafted Wakatu Pilsener has been crafted by using 100% New Zealand lager malt, with a selection of New Zealand hops for a moderate bitterness.

Wakatu hops are then added to the can during packaging for their citrus and subtle floral aromas, allowing them to be infused into the malt extract and give a unique flavour and aroma to the final beer.

Wakatu is the Maori name for Nelson, New Zealand”s hop growing region, as well as the new name for NZ Hallertau hops from New Zealand Hops.


Malts – Lager.
Hops – Green Bullet, Pacific Gem, Wakatu. New Zealand Artesian Water.
Premium Dry Brewing Yeast (under the lid)

Colour and Ebu

Typical Analysis (2 cans): Colour 12 EBC, Bitterness 16 EBU


Combine two cans of Black Rock Crafted Wakatu to make 23 Litre.

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