About Home Brew Shop

So who are these guys you may ask?

The team at homebrewshop.co.nz is made of people that are passionate about the craft of brewing beer and also about providing a fast, user friendly website for you the brewer to have great brewing products delivered to your door in a timely manor!

We are serious about our product range and are constantly looking at our new ideas and products we can offer to our fellow brewers.

We have had over 12 years experience in the website development world and we know what works with online purchasing. Combined with that is real brewing experience too, we all brew and across the board can offer real help for anyone that may need it - crafting fantastic home brew beer is our passion.

We are here to help and are always keen to give tips and ideas too, we have spent countless hours designing and redesigning brewing systems and techniques - so please feel free to drop us an email with any questions or even just to bounce an idea off us!

Home Brew Shop is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.